Cloud Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting

Choosing the right kind of hosting is essential for the success of a website.

The hosting type not only impacts the performance and experience of the website but also enables websites to scale up and grow.

For websites that need high-performance support cloud hosting and dedicated hosting are very popular.

Lets compare Cloud and Dedicated Hosting across various parameters.

Cloud Hosting –

Many servers are bought together to work as a single large server and then the server resources needed to host websites are divided and shared across the sites.

Dedicated Hosting –

All the resources of a complete server are dedicatedly allocated to a single website complete access and customization flexibility.

Both Cloud and Dedicated Hosting are known to provide high performance.

In Cloud Hosting the resources are shared across the website making it slower than Dedicated Hosting.

Cloud Hosting wins in scalability hands down !!

This is because with the help of virtualization hosting resources can be added or removed for any given point of time instantly.

Dedicated Hosting –

Since one server handles all the load, a server handles all the load, a server failure can lead to downtime.

Cloud Hosting –

There is no single point of failure. If ione server fails, another can take its place.

Cloud Hosting is secured with measures such as data encryption.

But, the provision of root access and full flexibility for customization make Dedicated Hosting more secure.

Dedicated Hosting –

It is the most expensive type of Hosting.

Cloud Hosting –

Cloud Hosting is cheap and also offers options to only pay for the resources used, making it highly cost effective.

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