Why is Antivirus important in 2019?

Do we really need antivirus in 2019 ?

Simple answer is YES .

Let’s see why….

Your computer is like a house without doors. It is always prone to attacks.

Antivirus software minimizes the risk to your systems by recognizing the vulnerability of your computers and continuously tracking and eliminating viruses that may have been injected into your computer/smartphone.
It takes time.

Once inside your computer/ smartphone viruses doesn’t need the Internet to attack the system. They will wreck your system before you notice it.

Android allows users to install apps via third-party sites.

This is a huge risk.

Android phones allow apps to be granted administrator privileges which can be misused by apps to install malicious apps on the phone.
Bombard the phone with ads.

Any content on your system or network is then susceptible, it can then be stolen without your consent.

One of the flaws with Android smartphones is that only the latest OS gets regular updates.

This can cause the old Operating systems vulnerable to viruses.

All of this can be prevented via an antivirus.

Antiviruses are regularly updated to ensure that systems are protected against the latest threats from viruses.

It is is the job of an antivirus to know the latest trends in the world of spammers.

Installing an antivirus will give you a piece of mind.

Antivirus may not solve all the flaws in the security but it will make sure that the damages which can be caused without an antivirus will be reduced drastically.

When and when you buy your antivirus, ensure the software service provider is trustworthy, that the application covers all your security requirements.

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