JustHost – Review

JustHost is a prominent server hosting provider for small business customers who just want a simple, clear and straightforward and service, committed 24/7 technical support and a powerful cPanel interface, focusing exclusively on CentOS Linux, offering VPS and dedicated hosting solutions.

Ease Of Use :

Clients can gain access to the management interface of the cPanel incorporated into the administrator portal of JustHost.
The powerful interface supports a wide range of use cases and the avg customer will find it adequate to meet all their needs.
Furthermore, full root access is available for the tech-savvy who want complete control and personalize their private server to their unique requirements.


JustHost provides 24/7 service support via chat, email or phone. The site also contains a Frequently Asked Questions section with more self – service information.

Plans :

$2.49 per month

$5.95 per month

$6.95 per month

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