McAfee Review in 2019

McAfee is considered to be one of the oldest and well-respected names in the antivirus business.

McAfee has been continuously demonstrating its technical capabilities and regularly updating its apps to defend against the latest threats online.

The app is non-intrusive, so it will not meddle with the overall performance and speed of your computer.

McAfee is a total security package which exceeds the limited protection of viruses

In a West Coast Laboratories antivirus comparison test, McAfee was evaluated against other leading antivirus software with both WCL and McAfee malware files.
McAfee proved its technical capabilities and detected 96 percent of WCL’s potentially harmful files and 99 percent of McAfee’s files.

Features of McAfee :

Download Protection :

The software scans all the files which are downloaded.
McAfee warns the potential dangers of downloading the file.

System Resource Use:

Antivirus Softwares are known to be impacting the performance of the system as they are always up and scanning for potential dangers.

McAfee is proudly considered itself to be one of the few antivirus software which doesn’t take much of system resource.

Tests have shown that Mcafee slows the computer at just around 1 sec

Scanning Real Time :

Like other antivirus software, Mcafee also supports real-time scanning.
This ensures that no new virus has come in contact with the system via external drives and files from the internet.

Plans :

Total Protection-

$54.99 – 1 Device

$84.99 – 5 Devices

$44.99- 10 Devices

Overall Rating – 10/10

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