The 5 Worst Computer Viruses of All Time

5 – Storm Worm

Storm Worm was a backdoor Trojan horse which was leaked on the Web in January 2007 to infect machines running Windows Operating System.

All those infected with the virus with the were pretty unlucky enough to have accidentally clicked on email mail with the title “230 dead as storm batters Europe.”

The motive of the worm was to create a massive global network of botnet/zombie, which by September 2007 could have covered up to 10 million systems.

4 – Mydoom

The entire world was hit in January 2004, with the MyDoom worm which was considered to be the fastest spreading email worm ever leaked.

The MyDoom computer worm often referred to as “Shimgapi,” is spread by email and was designed to spread email spam through infected machines.

It also launched DDOS attacks against the website of SCO Group and created problems for search engines including Google.

The virus is believed to have caused harm to computer networks globally to more than $ 38 billion, actually making it one of the most expensive computer viruses ever.

3 – Melissa Virus

Melissa, leaked in March 1999, was a macro virus that led to a lot of frustration and anger by spreading to the first 50 unfortunate people in the contacts list of an infected person.

It interrupted many email systems when it hit and caused damage in excess of $ 80 million.

David L. Smith was found to be liable for the virus. He was convicted and sentenced and and and for 10 years and fined $5,000.

2 – Sasser and Netsky

Hopefully, you’ve activated a firewall or you can let Sasser and Netsky come in.
Sasser is a worm attached to the Netsky virus family which targets susceptible PCs via an open portwhich can be prevented via firewall.

The Sasser worm’s release in 2004 caused considerable troubles, including the cancelation of a number of transatlantic flights from Delta Air Lines.

In addition, the X-ray machines of a hospital were offline for hours, and in 130 companies a Nordic insurance provider had to to to to to to to stop business.

The culprit, a teenage German kid named Sven Jaschan, who was sentenced to 21 months in suspension for being behind the worms, Netsky and Sasser.


In 2000, through trustworthy email contacts, a worm named ILOVEYOU was spread over the Internet.

All those who opened the email attachment (called Love Letter For You) were infected with a worm that rapidly caused serious damage of up to $ 8 billion globally.

Because of the lack of awareness of most users at the time, ILOVEYOU was especially effective.

As it continued to spread, local computer systems were damaged by spontaneously modifying MS Office, image and music files before being copied to all contacts someone’s Microsoft Outlook contacts list.

Over 50 million infections had been confirmed within 10 days, and the virus ending up costing about $ 15 billion to eliminate.

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